Mountain lion hunts are by far the most unpredictable, challenging and sometimes frustrating. Where this hunt goes is entirely left to chance and chase of the lion. There are so many uncontrolled factors and conditions that contribute to this hunt, each is unique. Hunts can run from as little as 40 minutes to well over 4 miles. Definitely not a hunt for the faint of heart. The chase is a far greater thrill than the actual kill, but to harvest a cat is certainly worth every minute and every effort expended.

This is the only Nevada big game hunt that non-resident and residents can purchase tags and licenses for over the counter. I only take two to three hunters a year, so get ahold of us early to reserve a spot.

Please, give us a call to discuss hunt options and rates.

If you draw more than one tag and would like us to guide you on both hunts call for discounted rate varies on hunt types.

Call about anything else not listed.

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